Football review: Where are you now, when I need you?

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With three Leinster quarter-finals over the weekend – and Dublin barely breaking a sweat with their demolition of Longford – the existential question occupying football fans on the east is: can anyone even give the Dubs a game? The weekend’s action should hopefully have offered a firmer conclusion to this question – but the answer is not the one we may have wanted.

Meath were the highest-rated Leinster team heading into the weekend’s action and found themselves in something of a catch-22: win easily and the exercise is useless, win narrowly and the victory must somehow have been too hard to come by. The latter was the case – and while Wicklow should hold their heads high after scoring 3-12 away from home in a Championship match, Meath will know that the defensive frailty of Navan cannot re-appear in Croke Park. They’ll be simply glad to have a chance to improve their lot against Westmeath who needed an hour to break the back of Wexford.

But what of Kildare? Certainly the scoreline against Laois – 3-18 to 1-11 – would suggest there may be the firepower there to compete. But that’s after a replay where they squandered an obvious chance to win once, and the champions will not be so forgiving.

As for the Champions themselves – they’ll simply be happy to beat Tipperary and get Cork to visit Killarney for the final; Mayo will feel similarly happy just to have shaken off a Galway side fuelled more by passion than tactics; and as for Donegal… well, wow.


The measure of Kildare’s win means they jump three spots┬áto 10th – now again on a roughly even keel with their Royal neighbours. We’ll see just how even they might be when they share a billing in a fortnight’s time.

Football rankings
(w/e June 14, 2015)
1 Dublin 1969
2 Kerry 1856
3 Donegal 1820
4 Mayo 1797
5 Cork 1775
6 Monaghan 1688
7 Tyrone 1583
8 Derry 1513
9 Meath 1471
10 (+3) Kildare 1447
11 Roscommon 1425
12 (-2) Armagh 1414
13 (-1) Galway 1381
14 Down 1368
15 (+1) Cavan 1269
16 (-1) Laois 1267
17 Tipperary 1238
18 Fermanagh 1206
19 Westmeath 1191
20 Sligo 1141
21 Clare 1081
22 (+1) Longford 1055
23 (-1) Wexford 1028
24 Limerick 1021
25 Louth 1021
26 Offaly 960
27 Antrim 895
28 Leitrim 874
29 Wicklow 764
30 Carlow 694
31 Waterford 649
32 London 570

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