Football review: And so it is, like they said it would be

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AS GARY LINEKER might have said, football is a simple game. 30 men chase a ball around for 70 minutes, and at the end Mayo lose.

One must wonder how much longer the current crop of Mayo footballers can keep going. Ever year without victory simply adds to the weight of recent history, makes it ever harder for the class of 2011-15 to keep climbing the mountain. Five years as Connacht champions have each failed to see them reach the true summit. Hope springs eternal and in February they might well be up for it. But not every February can begin that way.

And as for the Dubs… another final against Kerry. The more things change…

Football rankings
(w/e September 6th, 2015)
1 Dublin 2009
2 Kerry 1951
3 Mayo 1862
4 Donegal 1726
5 Tyrone 1685
6 Cork 1682
7 Monaghan 1663
8 Kildare 1507
9 Galway 1458
10 Derry 1457

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