Football review: Heads up, Hands down

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Their seventh game of the Championship season – and their 14th competitive match of the year – turned out to be too much for Tyrone, who simply ran out of steam to allow Kerry a four-point victory.

The Red Hand will finish the year in fifth in our rankings – they began it in sixth, on a comparable rating (1636 at the start, 1685 at the end). However it may feel like a return to form, Tyrone are only really keeping the pace.

Meanwhile, Kerry march on. Death and taxes.

Football rankings
(w/e August 23rd, 2015)
1 Dublin 1984
2 Kerry 1951
3 Mayo 1887
4 Donegal 1726
5 Tyrone 1685
6 Cork 1682
7 Monaghan 1663
8 Kildare 1507
9 Galway 1458
10 Derry 1457

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