Hurling review: After the apocalypse

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THERE USED to be a joke that after the apocalypse there’d only be cockroaches left to roam the earth. To that category we can now safely add: ‘and inter-county hurlers’. They’re a hardy bunch, aren’t they?

Galway’s epic victory has finally kickstarted the season – let us only hope that the final lives up to the same degree of intensity, and that Galway are able to bring their A game for two matches in a row. Their win doesn’t quite bring them ahead of Tipperary in our rankings – largely because of the narrow margin of victory – but that hardly matters when they’ll still be hurling in September.

Hurling rankings
(w/e August 14th, 2015)
1 Kilkenny 2242
2 Tipperary 2090
3 Galway 2077
4 Waterford 1977
5 Cork 1910
6 Dublin 1853
7 Limerick 1833
8 Clare 1810
9 Wexford 1683
10 Kerry 1534

A full list of ratings and rankings for every county is available on the first tab of our giant hurling ratings spreadsheet.

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